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Sacrifice or Joy?

Christmas Star

“Fear not to recognize the whole idea of sacrifice as solely of your making.”
A Course in Miracles

Sacrifice is the idea that we have to give up something in order to obtain our innocence, our happiness. Feeling that you need to sacrifice all the time comes from the ego’s idea that you are not worthy, undeserving of happiness and that you constantly need to repent for even breathing.

This whole ego dynamic is what is referred to as “littleness”, and is a way of living which keeps you feeling limited, small and unfulfilled. Feeling “little” lowers your self-esteem and is horrible for your mental health.

This Christmas I invite you to give yourself the greatest present of all, your love.

“This Christmas give the Holy Spirit everything that would hurt you. Let yourself be healed completely that you may join with Him in healing, and let us celebrate our release together by releasing everyone with us.”
A Course in Miracles T.15.XI.3:1-2

In A Course in Miracles we are guided to give all that can hurt us up to the Holy (Wholeness, Oneness) Spirit (What we are) for correction. We are taught that Christmas is a time to embrace what we really are and to let go of the idea of sacrifice. ACIM shares that the only thing we ever really need “sacrifice” is fear itself… doesn’t sound like much of a bad thing, does it?

No, but it does take work.

So, in the Spirit of Christmas let’s give ourselves some love and delve into some “Right-minded” thinking…

You are already enough. Not only are you enough, you are all of it and One with everything for at your core is perfect Love itself. The Love that binds us is in you too. Remember, that no one is left behind in this thinking for unity is what heals our minds and separating is what hurts our minds.

To embrace who you really are and to heal your mind, all you need do is truly forgive yourself for your misperceptions and for taking the ego seriously. You are already the perfect love in which you seek, so don’t look for it outside of you, get to the Source of it and look within. The love which surrounds you is a reflection of the love which is inside of you. Without your perception of love, you would never recognize it, so your perception is very important and this is also why it is so important to undo your ego, because the ego is skewed perception. If you always listened to the ego, well, that’s a malady we don’t want to explore any further.

There’s a way I like to remind myself of staying away from ego temptation and it is a quote from Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves… yes, the Kevin Costner movie. In one scene there is a little boy who curiously lifts the cape of Christian Slater’s character exposing a sharp sword. Christian’s character grabs the boy’s hand and simply says to him, “Nothing there but trouble, boy.”

Now, aside from trying to get comfortable with Christian Slater’s British accent, I have always enjoyed that quote and I frequently say it to myself when the ego’s voice flares up. I don’t need to play along with the ego and I’m happy to remind myself of that fact. How will you remind yourself?

“…removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.”
A Course in Miracles T.Introduction.1:6-7

Our innocence is inherent and so is our genuine happiness and joy. These qualities exist within us at all times, the ego has just tried to block us from recognizing this, but the ego can never eradicate the love in which we are. It is a true paradox that the ego needs our mental power in order to survive but it tries to tell us that we do not have any mental power. Do you see how deluded it is?

So, again, it is up to us and our thinking habits to make the decision to “sacrifice” the ego so the Love in which we are can shine.

This Christmas let yourself enjoy the season through the perspective of Love. Correct any mistakes in your thinking, that’s totally cool, but don’t beat yourself up for mistaken thinking. Practice seeing through the eyes of Love, that’s you being who you really are.

Love and Merry Christmas,

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A Healthy Christmas

With the Christmas season fully upon us, I wanted to offer a bit of a “care” package to help you enjoy each moment.

As Christmas is a time where we are committed to love and happiness the ego is going to try and get in our faces, and when it does we can end up feeling guilty, sensitive and reactionary. So let’s start this time of year off on the right foot and counter the ego with some sanity.

First off, let’s define Merry Christmas…

Merry = Happy, Joyful, or according to Collins English Dictionary “slightly drunk”

Christ = Anointed One; a term spiritually reserved for all of us, meaning, we are all One.

Mas = Celebration

So, there you have it! Merry Christmas means have a happy, joyful time celebrating the fact that we are all One and you may get slightly drunk while doing so 😉 Teasing, just be happy no matter what you decide to do!

One thing that does always pop up at Christmas is the temptation for overindulgence. This is a time to really up your self-awareness game! Be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to indulge in and what you’re not willing to indulge in. Ask your partner, your best friend or someone you’re close with to hold you accountable to this.

To help you avoid overindulgence you can drink more water. In between beverages or bites of snacks, drink some water, this will help you to stay hydrated and feel full. Also, remember that when you are hungover and tired is when the ego can really have its fun with you, so if you’re feeling tempted to overindulge, remind yourself of the kind of day you want to have the next day, this will help to keep you in check! Keep up with this and your mind and your body will really thank you!

Next is that guilty feeling that always seems to creep up when we’re trying to
have a good time. Remember do not feel guilty for going out and celebrating! Guilt is the ego’s game and is a one-way ticket to fear town, so let the guilt go and remember that you are your best self when you’re genuinely happy!

One way I like to ensure that I have a great time is by mentally releasing any concerns or anxieties. I take a moment before the party, take a deep breath and say, “May tonight be a fun, safe and enjoyable evening for everyone. I release all fear in peace and step into the perfect love which I am. Thank you for the opportunity to be with my family and friends.”

I also like to forgive myself for thinking that I am not allowed to have a good time. It is clearly an error in thinking to think that you can’t be happy or enjoy yourself. We are love and love shows itself through genuine happiness, so have a good and responsible time.

Another item to keep in check is that you may see people you’re not crazy about or have a grudge against. Note those times when you are uncomfortable with seeing someone and take the opportunity for healing. A loving, non-judgmental smile, and a genuine “Hi Guys!” is better than avoidance or ruminating in negativity.

Remember the true meaning of Christmas, we are all One and are acknowledging and celebrating that fact. It is okay not to jive with all of the 7 billion people in the world, but you don’t want to make anyone an enemy. It is the investment in separation which really hurts our minds and makes for a bad time.

To remind you of the loving truth about this time of year, here is a beautiful quote from, A Course in Miracles.

“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. See it not outside yourself but shining from the heaven within and accept it as the sign the time of Christ has come.”

Love and Oneness,

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Altruism; A Gift to Yourself


I love being altruistic! Whether it’s a candy bar for the homeless gentleman outside of the grocery store or donating to my favourite charities or anything in between, I’m all for it!

So, with this Holiday Season in full gear, I wanted to send a loving message about how when we help others, we are helping ourselves and everyone wins!

Law of the Mind #5, which is shared in my children’s book, My Mind Book, is “All Minds are Connected” and surely this is a law which I have repeated many times. If all minds are connected, then what I think, say or do to others, I am thinking about, saying to or doing to myself. In a positive light, this is why any act of being loving to others is so good for you!

Whether you are volunteering, giving a gift to someone, donating to a charity, smiling at someone who appears grumpy, or whatever it may be, you are being love and reinforcing love for both yourself and the other.

Remember from my series on the ego where you learned that the ego seeks to separate us from each other? The ol’ “divide and conquer” attitude! And it is this seeking to separate which hurts us every time we give in to it.

“…the mad belief in separate thoughts and separate bodies, which lead separate lives and go separate ways.”
A Course in Miracles, Lesson 100

It is divisiveness which the ego seeks to preserve in our minds. And it is this idea which hurts our minds and is the source of all negativity and fear in the world. Why would we want to reinforce such a poor idea?

Yet when you are being altruistic, you are unifying yourself with others! So instead of dividing and conquering you seek to “Unify and Heal” which is a very positive thing for your mind. Our minds are connected and this is why altruism feels so damn good!

A few other benefits to being altruistic include

– Reinforcing love in your mind and the minds of others
– Showing others that you care about them
– Raising your self-esteem
– Boosting your mood
– Acquiring good karma
– Setting a positive example for others

One tradition I have of helping others is a tradition started by my parents where they began putting together gift bags filled with underwear, socks, gloves, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essentials, then they would add in all the baked goodies and chocolates which they had accumulated over the Holiday season, into the gift bags. (An excellent way to rid yourself of tempting goodies!) Then on Christmas Eve, my Father and I would drive around downtown Calgary and hand out the gift bags to any homeless person we came across.
The response has always been surprise and pure gratitude! There is nothing better than showing someone that you care about them, it’s an amazing feeling!

My fiancé and I will team up with my parents this year to continue this loving tradition!

To help spread the word and perhaps even offer up some altruistic gift ideas, here is a charity and project which I support!

The Happy Hearts Fund; a project created by Petra Nemcova which helps rebuild schools in disaster-stricken areas. Check them out at

Feed Projects; Founded by Lauren Ralph Lauren and is my favourite place to buy a purse! There are also a ton of gift ideas available on this site. Some products are made by artisans in Kenya, India and more! With each purchase made you provide meals for children in impoverished areas. Check them out at

Love and Helping The Collective Mind,

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