About Fiona

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Hello, I’m Fiona Maria Williams!Laughing

I am an advocate for healthy minds and genuinely happy living. I believe that the mind is everything and that our physical world and life experiences are the representation of our individual mind-sets.

“Your mind is the means by which you determine your own condition, because mind is the mechanism of decision. It is the power by which you separate or join, and experience pain or joy accordingly.”

A Course in Miracles, 8.IV.5.7-8


Why I Do What I Do

I care.

I have personally felt the grips of anxiety and understand the uncomfortable effects of negative thinking. While dealing with anxiety I was very aware that there was nothing being done to me, it was all just my ego thinking up scary and literally non-sense. There is no power in being a victim and I knew that I had to get a grip, and as I delved into my own healing, a beautiful world of learning about the mind opened up to me! I am continuously amazed by the mind and its power! I am also grateful that we all have a choice to better our lives through focusing on our mental health.

“…if you take care of the mind, all else will flow naturally.”

The Disappearance of the Universe

As I have learned to discipline my own chatty ego mind, I know that everyone else can too. The effects of negative thinking like depression, anger, compulsiveness, self-hate or even a feeling of general malaise or agitation are enough to warrant a look at the state of ones mind. As a lesson from A Course in Miracles shares, “There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.” – Lessons 5 & 6

We all go through many mental hindrances in our lifetime, and in dealing with these hindrances we all have the same two choices, to perpetuate the fear or to heal. Remember that living in fear is not really living at all. So, if we choose to heal then we have decided against perpetuating the ego therefore stopping the cycle of negative karma, and now the fear which is hidden deep in our unconscious minds can begin to dissolve.

By learning the fundamentals of your basic mental functioning and by implementing the ultimate coping mechanisms of relaxing your mind and truly forgiving, you can become less reactionary to the ego’s dictates and ultimately become more peaceful. If peace is the result then there really is only one desirable choice, to heal.

“Forgiveness is the only sane response.”

A Course in Miracles, 30.VI.2.8

Our personal experiences, life circumstances and our relationship with the physical world simply become better. We are happy for the sake of being happy; peaceful for the sake of peace.

What I do

I am a teacher. I teach spirituality, mind health, and as previously mentioned, the fundamentals of how mind and thought work.  Through doing so I help people understand how powerful they really are, the need to relax and train their minds and also I share the coping mechanisms to help through life’s inevitable changes.

Following my inherent passion for healthy minds I studied hypnotherapy and life coaching. I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist through the National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapists at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment. I also became an Erickson Certified Professional Life Coach through Erickson College.

Collectively my studies have taught me the levels of the mind, the different functions of the brain and the art of helpful communication.

But, where I best serve is through my work as a Facilitator of, A Course in Miracles (ACIM or The Course). ACIM has been with me most of my life. I was brought up in a home where the works of Edgar Cayce, Eckhart Tolle and ACIM were the go-to literature and so I naturally became devoted to these works. I have been a student of ACIM for the past 10 years and will remain to be for the rest of my days.

5 years ago I was grateful to have the opportunity to teach ACIM and have been enjoying teaching my interactive, hilarious and informative evening classes ever since!

Most recently I had my first book published, a children’s book titled “My Mind Book” which introduces children to the laws of the mind as they are presented in the Course. This book is my baby and I am beyond ecstatic that I get to share this knowledge with the younger citizens of our world.

If you are interested in taking one of my classes, all the information you need is under the Teaching tab.

“Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the word arises.”

A Course in Miracles – Lesson 34

Willingness is the ONLY prerequisite!

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