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Atonement – The term representing the fact that the supposed separation from God (or Source), never actually occurred. The Atonement is the only appropriate means of defense as it uses our reality (Oneness with God) to undo the ego’s idea of separation. Accepting the Atonement is a necessary step in the three-step process of true forgiveness.

Body – The body is an effect of the mind. As the body is physical it will eventually cease to be. While in the physical experience the body is to be used for communication purposes and is, according to ACIM, a totally neutral thing.

Brain – A physical organ which is an effect of the mind as it is part of the body and will eventually cease to be.

Cause – Mind is the cause of everything. The separated mind (the ego) is the cause of all that is physical, including the body, the world and the universe. The true Mind which is One with God is Cause. A synonym of Love. (note the words which are capitalized as they identify what is of God and that which is not).

Christ – A name representing the true Mind of God and the Son of Man (being everyone) in the world. A synonym of God, Love, Mind and Spirit. The Christ Mind is a term typically used to represent those who have achieved enlightenment and therefore identify only with their Christ Mind.

Correction – A way of healing the mind and is the second step in the three-step process of true forgiveness. Correction is done by the Holy Spirit whose function it is to correct mistaken, fear-based thinking by bringing truth to the separated mind thus healing it.

Dream – There are two levels of dreaming in the physical world; the waking dream which is the physical world we experience and all that we perceive to exist within and around it. Then there is the sleeping dream which is the dream state we experience when we are asleep. ACIM states that both levels of dreaming are of the mind and therefore their form may be different but the content of the dreams is the same.

Duality – That which has an opposite. Duality is characteristic of the physical world, for example: male and female; light and darkness.

Effect – That which occurs after a thought. Effects may manifest as emotion, a physical feeling or anything of the physical world.

Ego – Known as mis-thought. The term representing the “separation from God” being all that is fear-based and negative. Commonly referred to as the “small self”.

Emotion – Feelings triggered by thought, therefore being effects.

Enlightenment – The state of having healed from the idea of being a separate mind and entity.

Forgiveness – The process (and only process) by which the mind heals. True forgiveness is different from the world’s version of forgiveness as it requires forgiveness of self for having judged incorrectly by seeing others as guilty. True forgiveness requires three steps: 1. Stop the reaction, stop thinking with the ego 2. Shift control of judgment over to the Holy Spirit 3. Accept the Atonement. For further clarity on true forgiveness please refer to the book, “Love Has Forgotten No One” by Gary Renard, pages 23-24. I strongly encourage reading the entire “Disappearance of the Universe” trilogy by Gary Renard in order to gain clarity on why true forgiveness is so important and further clarity on how to do it.

God – Source of Love. Characteristically non-judgmental therefore non-reactive. Formless. All that is. Synonym of Love, Mind and Spirit.

Guilt – The emotion felt by thinking that we separated from God. Although guilt may come up to the conscious via any seeming event, we actually feel guilty because of this idea of thinking we chose to be separate from God. Separation from God is in fact an impossibility. This guilt is deeply unconscious and drives ALL fear-based ideas and actions. It is this guilt that needs to be healed in order to have the mind healed and reach enlightenment.

Healing – All true healing is done in the mind and therefore the only thing that needs to be healed is the mind. Achieved only through true forgiveness. Physical healing is an effect.

Heaven – A state of mind. Oneness.

Holy – Whole. Unified.

Holy Instant – The only point in time which actually exists as it is the eternal state of now, free from the past and the future. Accepting the Holy Instant in the mind is how we experience our true innocence as we ourselves are therefore freed from the past and the future and are experiencing our reality that we are whole with everything.

Holy Relationship – A relationship whereby the purpose of it is actively given over for the Holy Spirit’s purposes. All relationships inevitably become Holy.

Holy Spirit – The Voice for God. The answer given in response to the initial thought of separation from God. Use for the purposes of healing the separated mind and to be guided lovingly.

Illusion – All that is physical and all that is fear-based in origin.

Judgment – The act of perception. In this world we judge from the ego which then perpetuates more ego. ACIM asks us to have the Holy Spirit judge all things for us thus diminishing the ego’s strength in the mind. ACIM teaches that we actually do not know how to judge, so to save ourselves the trouble of even trying. The Holy Spirit only knows how to judge.

Jesus – Our big brother. Also commonly known as Y’shua. A guide to use if so chosen. Voice for A Course in Miracles. At one with the Holy Spirit.

Love – Much different than the world’s definition of love as the Love described here is unconditional and all-encompassing. A synonym with Christ, God, Mind and Spirit.

Metaphysics – That which is abstract and causal. The metaphysics of ACIM is that the world is an illusion and that God did not create it. A necessary idea to accept in order to appropriately use the process of True Forgiveness.

Mind – Synonym of Love and therefore God. True Mind is formless and is in fact life. The separated mind, which is identified with the ego is what needs to heal in this physical world through the act of true forgiveness.

Miracle – A total release from fear. The miracle is experienced through the process of true forgiveness and accepting the Holy Instant. Is where a part of the separated mind is healed and therefore released from fear. For further clarification on real miracles please refer to Chapter 1, Section I, in the text of ACIM.

Mistake – All negative thoughts are mistakes in thinking. Sometimes these mistakes lead to physical action which are then equally, mistakes. ACIM teaches that there is no sin, only mistakes in thinking. To effectively heal the guilt in the separated mind, negativity is best to be seen as a mistake in the thinking process which requires correction by the Holy Spirit. This heals the separated mind and allows for the original mistake in the thought process to be corrected and therefore undone so as not to be perpetuated by the ego.

Non-Duality – That which has no opposite, namely, the state of mind known as Oneness.

Salvation – The undoing of the ego.

Sin – The belief that we literally did something wrong and must continue to feel guilty. Sin is a perpetuation of guilt and the ego and invites further punishment which compounds the guilt in the mind. The idea of sin is unnecessary and illusory. ACIM teaches that we would be best to replace the idea of sin with the idea of mistakes as mistakes can be corrected and therefore the mind will be open to correction and therefore healing.

Soul – Formless. Same as Spirit. A term rarely used in ACIM.

Special Relationship – The ego’s version of relationships whereby one enters into either a special “love” or a special “hate” relationship. Both type of special relationships are perpetuated by guilt. In the special “love” relationship one seeks for the Love of God in someone else instead of looking within. Special “love” and special “hate” relationships both involve the projection of one’s own unconscious guilt onto other people. A way of perpetuating the ego.

Spirit – What we really are. Formless. Synonym with Christ, God, Love and Mind.

World – The physical world and all physical things in it are effects of the separated mind. An illusion.

Universe – The physical universe and all physical things in it are effects of the separated mind. An illusion.

*As mentioned in the definition of “Forgiveness”, I strongly encourage reading “The Disappearance of the Universe” trilogy by Gary Renard (if you feel guided to do so) for further clarity on these definitions, the power of the mind, metaphysics and, A Course in Miracles. I receive absolutely no compensation for this suggestion, it is purely my opinion from being both a student and a teacher of, A Course in Miracles.

If you would like a term added to this Glossary or would like further clarification on a term then I would be happy to help! Email me at

The Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins

I recommend reviewing the Map of Consciousness whenever you find yourself in a rut or whenever you are ready to see some situation differently. Through reading the Map of Consciousness you will be able to understand where you are calibrating at and take positive steps to lift your energy up. Self-awareness is the first step to positive change.


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