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Have you ever felt that you are filled with heaviness, like you’re carrying around Jacob Marley’s ball and chains?

This weight can be either emotional or physical and is a tell-tale sign that you’re holding onto negativity of some sorts.

It’s not a comfortable feeling, the heaviness, and although it may not be totally unbearable, it can be quite fatiguing to feel it all the time.

In the spiritual world we refer to this heaviness as feeling “dense.” The body feels dense and emotional misgivings also feel dense. One could surmise that the old saying, “lighten up!” originated as a hopeful remedy to the uncomfortable feeling of heaviness.

When you recognize that you are feeling dense, heavy or melancholy, that is your red flag to take some action! So, here are some tips on how to lighten up!

To alleviate physical heaviness you can….

Deep Breathe – Breath work is an excellent way to rid your body of tension, it is also the easiest! Take a moment, hopefully in a quiet area, to slow down your breathing. As you do this, envision your muscles relaxing, focusing particularly on the areas where we hold tension, like our stomachs, backs, hips, shoulders and jaws. Breathe deeply into your abdomen and as you breathe out let the air move slowly past your teeth, tongue and out your lips.

Straighten Up – One of the ways we end up feeling heavy is because of our posture. Have you ever noticed the posture of someone who is upset? Shoulders hunched forward and head down, sometimes they’re even sitting in the fetal position. This causes great strain in the back and adds to the physical discomfort of feeling heavy. So, if you notice your posture is poor, correct it. Straighten your back, lift your shoulders up one inch then bring them back an inch or so. Next, (and this is a big one!) put your head up! It is harder to think of and hold onto negative, emotional thoughts if your head is up! This is scientifically proven, as when you look up the visual part of your brain is triggered and you move out of your limbic, emotional brain which is triggered when we look down.

Add More Sunshine – Take advantage of when it is sunny out! You can do some deep breathing outside in the sunshine if weather permits, but if it’s cold, yet sunny, sit inside next to the window and get some rays on your skin! The light and warmth from the sun is enough to help lift anyone’s mood, so don’t be shy to take a moment and bask in the sunshine. If it is cloudy out, I turn on some warm lighting like my Grandmother’s old softly-hued lamp and I also turn on my salt lamps. The warm hue mimics the sun and brings a level of comfort to my environment. This definitely helps to keep me feeling lighter both physically and emotionally.

Drink Water – The body is easily made less dense by us drinking more water. As water moves through our bodies it cleanses and flushes out toxins while also hydrating our many cells. It is actually quite simple to create the habit of drinking more water when you think about how beneficial it is for your body! Every sip you know helps to purify and fuel your body. You can easily jazz up your water with citrus, fruit or fresh herbs. I like to drink hot water as I find it soothing and it relaxes my system. However you can help yourself to incorporate more water into your daily life, rock it out! You’re worth it and your body will thank you!

To alleviate emotional heaviness…

Forgive – This really is the key to overall lightness. Forgiveness releases stress from our minds therefore helping us to be less preoccupied with negative past events. Grudges, anger, sadness and all emotional pain can easily be released through your practice of forgiveness and it is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself!

Chill on the Judgment – Consistently judging things is a sure way to add stress and tension and therefore heaviness to your life. When you find yourself upset or agitated, give yourself permission to chill out. Stop judging whatever it is you’ve been judging and relax your mind. This may be a good time to follow your breath, watch something funny, do something physical or meditate. Practicing the art of non-judgment is truly freeing and contributes to your mental discipline.

I hope these tips help with keeping you feeling light, as you are meant to be! Implement them for you are worth a healthy, peaceful mind and a relaxed body.

Love and Feeling Peace,

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