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Willingness is the ONLY prerequisite!

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The purpose of my work is to put a spotlight on the mind and its true power. Why?! Because mind (with its thoughts) is the cause of everything! All that is physical in nature, including emotions, those are the effects. In order to create real change in your life, you must begin with the cause, the mind.

Our society unconsciously (and sometimes consciously) demeans and limits the minds power. Trying to function in this stifling society, or what some like to call “trying to keep up with the Jones'”, can be mind numbing. Attempting to achieve the societal ideal can leave the state of your experience to remain mundane and eerily repetitive.

Then there is the issue of our individual states of mental health. Anxiety, depression, obsessiveness, anger, carelessness, and nuisance mind wandering are all symptoms of a poorly trained, fear-focused mind. And each of these can lead to a lethargic state of being and eventually physical sickness.

But some of us feel a stirring that perhaps, just perhaps, there is a “better way” to live.

And that is the focus of my work, to help bring clarity and support to those who are itching for the better, happier and healthier way of living.

You will find that the content shared on this website has a focus on the uncompromising wisdom of the metaphysical mind training program, A Course in Miracles, while also sharing truths shared by others such as Edgar Cayce and the like.

Some of the content will have spiritual terminology so I have included a Glossary tab which clarifies the meaning of all spiritual terms according to A Course in Miracles’ definitions. You will find that most of the spiritual terms have been released from the grips of old theological viewpoints and have been refreshingly redefined. So have a read through with an open mind and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

The path of healing and strengthening your mind isn’t always easy, but it is your willingness and vigilance which will ultimately prevail (sometimes quicker than you’d think!). No one else can do this for you, it’s all up to you, and I’m here to help.

Love Always,



“An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”

A Course in Miracles, Introduction to the Workbook, 1.3