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Deepening Your Breath - A Vital Step in Calming Your Mind and Body, and for Connecting to Your Spirit

Yes. I Accept My Free Gift - The Art of Deep Breathing


Do not be deceived by the simplicity of deep breathing, it is a VITAL step on the path to you mastering your mind and feeling your connection to all things. In order to cut through the complexity of the ego, we need simplicity, it's that lovingly simple. 

Relaxing Your Mind and Body

The first tip to calm down is always to take a deep breath... and that's because it works! In chaos and stress, all you feel is tension and hear the ego's nagging voice. Deep breathing takes you out of the chaos and relaxes you so you feel calm, clear, and whole. 

Connect to Spirit

A Course in Miracles teaches that in quietness, all things are answered. In the space between thoughts, we can hear the wisdom and guidance of what Spirit wants to tell us. A quiet mind is the home of intuition and inspiration. Deep breathing helps you get there. 


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