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I Offer Both Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Coaching Services ~ As a Clinical Hypnotherapist trained at the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, and an Erickson Certified Professional Life Coach, I thrive on helping people understand the power of their minds, how their minds function, and how they can strengthen their connection to Spirit.


Intuitive Readings - Our intuition is a way in which Spirit speaks to us and gives us loving guidance and support. WE ALL receive the Divine Messages of Spirit, it's just up to us to be willing to hear. And sometimes we just need a little help understanding our intuitive messages and trusting them. That's where I can help! 

I have been offering Intuitive Readings for ten years and each reading has been filled with the loving and gentle support of Spirit. I am always amazed by how Spirit knows each of us and knows how to communicate exactly what we need to hear. 

Intuitive Readings are offered in-person and cost $100 CDN/hr. Payment can be made via e-transfer <3 If you're interested in booking an Intuitive Reading with me, then please email me at [email protected] to schedule <3

Spiritual Coaching - There is a better way to approach life's challenges and that is through spiritual eyes. We are taught in A Course in Miracles that healing is natural. It is only through application of spiritual principles that we experience genuine healing of our minds which results in healing in all areas of our lives. 

Through Spiritual Coaching sessions, I can help you...

~ Understand and embrace the role your mind plays in healing

~ Understand spiritual principles so you can easily apply them to the areas of your life which you find challenging

~ Create a practice of connecting with Spirit which fits your style

~ Develop a habit of True Forgiveness which is the key to genuine healing

~  Know when you are hearing Spirit's Divine Guidance and how to ask for that loving guidance

~ Discover and recognize the ways in which Spirit shows up for you in your life and help you develop your trust in these loving messages

It is my Intention with Spiritual Coaching that you learn and understand spiritual principles, and develop your connection with Spirit so that you won't require my teaching and coaching services for long. I know that Spirit is in your Right Mind, and as a Spiritual Teacher and Coach, I intend to help you recognize that Spirit is an inherent part of you so you can proceed confidently on the path appointed you by Spirit. 

Spiritual Coaching Sessions are offered either in-person or online via ZOOM and cost $50 CDN/hr. Payment can be made via e-transfer <3 Please email me at [email protected] to schedule.

I truly look forward to connecting with you!

Much Love,

Fiona <3 


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