Overcoming Anxiety and Depression


Origins of Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression both begin in the mind, specifically, in the portion of the mind known as the wrong mind or ego mind. In this class, you will learn the ego dynamics behind anxiety and depression. It is important to expose the source of anxiety and depression so you can heal. 

The Role of Your Mind in Healing

Learn all about the vital role your mind plays in healing! We are taught in A Course in Miracles that true change can only occur at the mental level, so your mind is where you want to put your focus. When you begin to understand how powerful your mind truly is, you learn how to use your mind for your benefit instead of to your detriment. 

Practical and Helpful Tips for Healing

Essential to your healing from anxiety and depression is training your mind to think differently. This requires both commitment and practice from you. Learn practical tips you can use in your daily life to overcome anxiety and depressive feelings! 

It's my time to heal.


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