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Fiona Maria Williams - Connecting Mind and Spirit

There is a better way to perceive

this world and experience your life

- it all begins by using your mind correctly

I teach the importance of the mind and how the mind functions with a focus on the principles of A Course in Miracles. 

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Staying the Course

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Introduction to A Course in Miracles

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True Healing Course

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What's the Connection Between Mind and Spirit?

Your Mind is everything; it is your Source for creating, as well as how you perceive and therefore experience your life. Presently though, you identify with what is known as the ego mind. A small part of your mind which essentially went rogue and experiences itself as separate, competitive, and conflicted. It is your mistaken identification with the ego mind which is the source of all of your pain, and it is this identification which I will help you to undo through my online courses, worksheets, book(s) and my Connection blog and podcasts. Averse to the ego mind experience is the Right-Mind! Using your Right-Mind activates your awareness of being Spirit. This part of you knows that it is safe and is in constant communication with Love, Source or what some call, the God Mind. Our True Identity is formless, creative, and inherently loving.

Why is this Important for Me?

In this physical experience, it is the vocation of the mind to heal - there is no other purpose here. Dis-identifying from the ego is the healing of your mind, and it is this healing which results in your feeling genuine peace. Specifically, healing from the ego mind takes you to the experience of what is known as One-Mindedness. What is also important for you to know is that the mental work to heal from the ego does not threaten that which you love in your life... quite the opposite, actually. Healing amplifies the love already present in your experience and transforms it into the unconditional, uncompromising, and joyful Love of Spirit. The challenges you will face will turn into opportunities to heal as opposed to the ego's perception of using challenges to perpetuate your pain. Healing experiences can be gentle, and it is the correct use of your mind and your connection to Spirit, which will help them be as such. 

A Course in Miracles

In my work, my main focus is on the teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). There are many different paths to Enlightenment and ACIM is just one - if it speaks to you, you will know.

ACIM states that it is a course in mind training, where the ego mind and its sneaky dynamics are exposed and we are therefore able to dis-identify from the ego and stop reinforcing our mental investment in it. What I love, and put great focus upon in my work, are ACIM's laws of the mind - a set of fundamental principles which state how our minds and its thoughts function. Misuse of these laws brings you more pain whereas correct use of these laws brings you genuine joy and ignites your connection to Spirit. Although presented using Christian terminology, ACIM is a spiritual thought system, not a religion. ACIM teaches that a perspective of equality and Oneness, as well as the personal use of True Forgiveness, are what heal the mind and lead to the unifying experience of Love. 

A Course in Miracles for Kids!

"Teaching children how their minds work seems so important. Yet this is rarely taught! My Mind Book fills this need by teaching that positive thinking makes us feel happy, that forgiveness heals the mind, that we gain by giving, and that we are all connected." - Corinne Zupko, Author and Founder of From Anxiety to Love

Teaching Children how their minds and thoughts work is vital to helping them develop their confidence and strengthen their compassion, so they are free to create and be their loving selves! I am super passionate about the mind and I believe  that we all, including children,  deserve to know how our minds work, and this is why I created, My Mind Book. As written in the Dedication; 'This book is dedicated to all the children in the world. From every race, and every faith or from no faith, this is for you. You are all equal. May you learn and understand how your minds work so you can achieve all your goals, happily learn from the lessons presented to you, and enjoy your life. May you also know how welcome you are in this world. Remember this always: 'You are wholly loving and wholly lovable.' - A Course in Miracles


A better way to think, live and be, is possible, it just requires clarity. I share Right-Minded Reminders which make Spiritual wisdom understandable, practical, usable, and desirable. Learn how easy it is to incorporate Spiritual principles into your life. 

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