Your Mind is Your Life ~ 2020!
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Your Mind is Your Life ~ 2020!

Round Two of the Your Mind is Your Life Program is Here! 

In this in-depth 6-month online program, you will learn ALL about your mind and how you can correctly use your mind to overcome conflict, sickness, pain, and fear. 

Specifically, you will learn about the different minds we utilize in the physical experience, including, the wrong mind of the ego, the Right Mind of Spirit, and the Decision Maker Mind which chooses between these two. 

We are taught in A Course in Miracles that in order to achieve Enlightenment and genuinely heal from the ego, we must expose the ego's thought system so we can simply recognize the ego when it is at work in our minds, and then gently move beyond it. This is the intention behind the Your Mind is Your Life program ~ to emphasize the importance of your mind in healing and your experiencing your inherent Connection with Source. 

It is shared in the Manual for Teachers portion of the Course that mind is the activating agent of Spirit. Therefore, it is absolutely essential you begin to recognize your mind's importance in your life, your healing and your spiritual path. 

The Your Mind is Your Life program includes...

~ A Weekly Class 

~ A Monthly Group Webinar to discuss the month's teachings

~ Two 30-minute One on One Sessions with me where you can ask me anything in regard to the program and A Course in Miracles!

~ Recorded Guided Meditations

~ Interviews with other Spiritual Teachers peppered throughout the program

~ Lifetime Access to ALL of the content!

Here is the calendar of what you will learn! 

Month 1 - All About Your Mind

Class 1 - The Theory of A Course in Miracles

  • How the One Mind seemed to split
  • Your Mind’s true purpose
  • Training your mind
  • The importance of self-worth


Class 2 - Overview of the different minds we seem to use in the illusion

  • The wrong mind of the ego: what the ego really is and how it relies upon guilt and fear
  • The Right Mind of Spirit: The Holy Spirit’s role in your Right Mind, what right-mindedness is and how to use your mind correctly in the illusion
  • The Decision Maker Mind: The mind which observes and chooses between ego and Spirit
  • The One Mind: The Mind of God (Source, Creator, Love), what ACIM teaches us about God and our True Identity


Class 3 - The Levels and Laws of the Mind:

  • The Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind
  • The laws which govern mind and thought


Class 4 - The Rise of Consciousness and Perception

  • The levels of consciousness
  • The ego’s use of perception
  • Overcoming fear and your essential part in doing so


Month 2 - The ego at Work in Your Mind

Class 1 - How the ego Functions

  • The harm of judgment
  • Duality, comparison and the rise of conflict in your mind
  • The ego’s ideas of lack and sacrifice


Class 2 - Recognizing the ego at Work in Your Mind

  • Moods, emotions, behaviours and habits
  • The importance of monitoring your thoughts


Class 3 - Introduction to the ego’s “Laws” of Chaos

  • The delusions of the ego
  • “Law” of Chaos #1
  • “Law” of Chaos #2


Class 4 - Continuation of the “Laws” of Chaos

  • “Law” of Chaos #3
  • “Law” of Chaos #4
  • The ego’s final principle


Month 3 – Stepping out of ego-mode

Class 1 - Reframing the Physical Experience

  • The physical classroom
  • The key to your salvation
  • Time according to A Course in Miracles


Class 2 - Connecting with Your Right Mind

  • Spirit’s Role in your healing
  • How Spirit speaks to you
  • True Perception
  • The Atonement


Class 3 - Your True Function

  • Overview of True Forgiveness
  • How to develop a habit of applying True Forgiveness
  • Allowing yourself to safely feel your emotions and gently overcome them


Class 4 - Welcoming Miracles

  • What a miracle is and your mind’s role in allowing miracles
  • Why healing is natural
  • Overview of ACIM’s corrective thinking techniques


Month 4 – Relationships

Class 1 - The ego's Special Relationships

  • Projection, judgment and blame
  • The harm of specialness


Class 2 - Creating the Holy Relationship

  • Overcoming specialness
  • Watching out for the ego in your relationships
  • Healing from conflict


Class 3 - Healthy Communication

  • A loving approach to not being a doormat in your relationships
  • Tips for healthy communication
  • Being loving to others while caring for yourself


Class 4 - Expediting Your Enlightenment

  • Using your relationships to heal from ego identification
  • How your relationships translate into how you feel about yourself


Month 5 - The Body

Class 1 - The Body’s Origin

  • The ego’s purpose for the body
  • Why you sometimes feel depressed and vulnerable
  • Spirit’s Use of the body


Class 2 - How You are Using Your Body

  • Expanding your self-awareness
  • Correcting your self-perception
  • Relinquishing the ego ideas of defensiveness and attack


Class 3 - Sickness, Death and Healing

  • The cause of sickness and the ego’s purpose of sickness
  • Is death real?
  • What genuine healing really is
  • How to welcome healing


Class 4 - The Development of Spiritual Sight

  • What Spiritual Sight really is
  • How to see beyond the physical veil
  • Recognizing Spirit's Guidance in your Mind


Month 6 - Rising Up

Class 1 - Moving On From Victim-hood

  • The dreamer of the dream
  • The power of decision
  • The happy dream


Class 2 - Embracing Your True Identity

  • Redefining You
  • Healing old self-perceptions
  • Dissolving old thinking habits
  • Creating Right-Minded habits


Class 3 - Development of Trust

  • Quieting your mind
  • Enlightenment is inevitable
  • True Communication: Connecting with Source
  • The Memory of God


Class 4 - Review & Clarity of Teachings

  • A review of how the mind truly functions
  • Checking in with your Spiritual goals
  • Why delay your happiness?


I truly look forward to connecting with you in this program! 

Love and Healthy Thinking,

Fiona <3 


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