Introduction to A Course In Miracles
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Introduction to A Course in Miracles

Do you feel guided to study A Course in Miracles, but don't know where to start?

Are you struggling with trying to understand what A Course in Miracles is teaching?

Are you done with searching for answers in ACIM forums?

Do you desperately want clarity so you can move forward with using the beautiful life-changing principles of the Course already?! 

I understand your frustration, and I can absolutely help! 

My name is, Fiona Maria Williams, and as a devoted, long-time student of the Course, I understand its theory and use its principles throughout my day. My practice of, A Course in Miracles, has brought me inner peace, confidence, genuine healing, and a determination to see beyond the veil of the ego mind to the Truth - and that's what I want to help you and others know and understand is possible! My true passion in life is teaching others the foundation and theory of A Course in Miracles and ensuring that ACIM students understand the TRUE message of ACIM and how it can help them!

A Course in Miracles is a guide on how to undo the conflicted ego mind, which results in genuine healing of the mind and in turn allows room for your Right-Mind to come into focus where you can learn to hear your Inner Teacher in the sanctity of your mind!  

The 3 hour Introduction to A Course in Miracles (ACIM or the Course) class lays out the theory and framework of ACIM. Designed to inform and inspire, I will present the main concepts of the Course so you can begin or continue your ACIM journey with confidence and understanding! 

Here are the main teachings you will learn in this highly informative class! 

~ What ACIM is - An explanation of what the Course is all about and how it helps us 

~ Miracles - What they really are; Why the focus on Miracles; How they help and how they occur

~ The Voice of ACIM - Who this timeless wisdom comes from

~ How ACIM came to be - Why the Course came about at the time it did and how it was initiated

~ The Theory of the Course - An explanation of the underlying theory of ACIM which helps greatly in bringing the aim of the Course into focus!

~ How to Approach the Course Lessons - What the lessons do; Why they are important and what they involve

I also teach you about the main themes presented in the Course like;

~ Time according to the Course

~ True Forgiveness 

~ The Importance of Relationships 

~ The Importance of the Mind along with an Overview of How the Mind functions

~ The ego Mind - What the ego really is and how the Course helps us with overcoming the ego

~ The God Mind - What It is and how the Course helps us access This Creative and Serene Mind

~ The Body - The true purpose of the body and how to use the body correctly

~ The Physical World - An explanation of the purpose of the physical world and how it came to be 

~ Guilt - Why we feel guilty and how the Course helps us gently heal that guilt

~ Judgment - How our judgment keeps us stuck; Why we judge and how the Course helps us transition from judgment to non-judgment

And so much more!!

The Introduction to A Course in Miracles also includes;

- A Glossary of Terms

- A compilation of ACIM Coping Mechanisms to help you through fearful moments

- As well as a document presenting answers to Common Questions.


You deserve to know the Truth about Who you really are. You deserve to be genuinely happy. And, you deserve to know how to truly heal from your unhealthy psychological attachments and the ego's world of insanity and pain. 


Here is what previous students of my Introduction to A Course in Miracles class would like you to know... 


"I was blessed to meet Fiona at an ACIM Meetup and was captivated by her enthusiasm and passion for ACIM. Although I had been a student of ACIM for some time, my instinct moved me to take her ACIM Introductory Course. I'm so happy I did! It really gave me a firm foundation and gave me the opportunity to get to know her and take other courses that she's offered as well. Fiona is much more than a Course student and teacher, she's a trusted confidant. When I get off track, she patiently steers me on to the path of love and helps navigate me back to true forgiveness. She has a wonderful sense of humour and her infectious laugh reminds me not to take life so seriously. Fiona is an awesome coach and facilitator and you will be happy you invested in yourself with what all she has to offer! " - Molly Weleski

"Introduction to A Course in Miracles is an introduction into peace. Fiona lovingly teaches and reminds us what Truth really is and Who we really are. Using real examples from her own journey into joy and freedom from anxiety, she guides you how to choose love for yourself right now, tomorrow and always. I am forever grateful to Fiona for mentoring the transformative power of these teachings and the blissful life available to us all!" - Lisa Gillespie

"I had the book, A Course in Miracles, before I took Fiona's Introduction to A Course in Miracles. The Course called to me but I didn't really understand why. I would read it every day and feel a bit frustrated as I found the text hard to understand. In Fiona's class she would explain the text in such a loving, non-judgmental way that it started to make sense to me and I understood why I was so drawn to the Course in the first place. I'm so thankful to Fiona for her teaching of love and patience, she is a true testament of the Course in action. With much love and thanks Fiona for your always being there!" - Lynda Spicer


About the Facilitator


Fiona Maria Williams, is a facilitator, teacher, and author of My Mind Book. She has been a devoted student of A Course in Miracles for over 13 years and has been actively teaching and introducing people to A Course in Miracles for over 8 years. The core of her work is teaching how the mind functions, how to overcome the ego, and how to connect to the Spirit inherent within your Mind. She also teaches that our lessons are our red flags to heal - they are our stepping stones to achieving genuine inner peace and how we ultimately attain the totally achievable state of mind known as Enlightenment.


When you purchase the Introduction to A Course in Miracles class, you have lifetime access to it! 

BONUS! Clarity is essential to your understanding! As a gift for your purchase, I offer you a free 30 minute, 1-on-1 online session with me, Fiona, where you can ask me questions pertaining to, A Course in Miracles, so as to ensure that you have the clarity you need to move forward confidently with the Course. 

Upon purchase of this class, you will receive instruction on how to arrange your complimentary session!



Plus, understand that you make this investment at no risk.   You are covered by my personal, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee. That is, you can spend 30 days going through the Introduction to A Course in Miracles class, review it and learn from it, but within 30 days of your purchase, if you don’t believe the class was worth the investment, you can let me know and I will send you a FULL refund.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and Healthy Thinking,




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