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Staying the Course

Welcome! I'm so excited you're here!

I'm Fiona Maria Williams and one of my true joys in life is helping others understand A Course in Miracles and spiritual principles. I'm a firm believer that spiritual principles are practical, but what is required in order to use them is a clear understanding of the theory behind spiritual wisdom and how to apply these beautiful principles in daily life and stay committed to them in the face of the ego. 

As a Spiritual Teacher for seven years, I have taught many students and supported many clients on their spiritual path and my main goal is to ensure clarity as to how the mind works and how Spirit can lovingly support us as we dissociate from ego identification.  

So, if you have a bookcase full of spiritual books and don't know where to begin or wonder why you even purchased them in the first place, I can help! I'm available for phone or online sessions where I will answer your questions and elaborate on the principles you're struggling with or wondering about, to help keep you on track with your healing path. 

Beginning with an introductory email to [email protected]  - let me know where you are on your spiritual path, what you are struggling the most with and where you would like to gain real clarity. 

My introductory rate of $30 for 30 minutes is only around until January 14th, 2018! So, if you're ready to begin this year with understanding and focus, I'm here to help you. 

There's a better way for you and as a teacher I am committed to helping you connect with the Inner Teacher in your Right-Mind so you can learn, love and enjoy your very personal spiritual path.  





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