Helping you connect to Spirit using A Course in Miracles (ACIM).
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Fiona Maria Williams - Connecting Mind and Spirit

There is a healthier way to perceive

this world and experience your life

- it all begins with using your mind correctly

I teach the importance of the mind and how the mind functions with a focus on the principles of A Course in Miracles. 

Your willingness is the only prerequisite

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The Art of Deep Breathing

Join me at the FREE online Superconscious Success Super Summit! 

The Superconscious Success Super Summit is being hosted by Jennifer Matthews and includes over 30 teachers who can help you gain clarity on what success means to you and how you can achieve it! From spirituality to the laws of attraction, this incredible summit covers a variety of topics aimed at helping you connect with Spirit and strengthen your intuition.

The summit runs from March 15th-22nd, 2021! Please follow this link for more information:

I truly hope to see you there! 

My Interview on the World Awakenings Podcast by Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber! Learn more about A Course in Miracles and what led me to the path of sharing this incredible metaphysical thought system with the world! 

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Teach Children How to Heal from Fear Thoughts!

Fearful thinking can easily get out of control as our minds are incredibly powerful! Allowing negative thinking to roam in the mind unchecked is detrimental to a child's overall well-being because taking negative thoughts seriously is what picks away at their self-esteems and leads to an unhealthy perception of themselves, others and the world. 

In this book, children will learn how to let fear thoughts go by peacefully and without further investment. Children will also learn how to gently move through fearful and upsetting moments which helps them create healthy coping mechanisms for life! Also included is a Parent's Guide where parents, caregivers and teachers will learn about the nature of fear and how they can support and empower the children in their lives to refocus back to loving and creative thoughts! 

"'What do I do With a Negative Thought' is a fresh and creative approach for children to develop understanding and take command of their thoughts and feelings. The positive message in this book is likely to reduce anxiety and resilience in children of all ages. The adults in their lives will also benefit from the insightful tips for caregivers. I highly recommend this book as an effective tool in promoting a healthy self-concept in our youth and future leaders."

Dr. Dana Marrocco, Licensed School Psychologist & Author of "The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves" 

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Why Focus on the Mind? 

The truth is, you're already using your mind, the question is, are you using your mind to benefit yourself or against yourself?

You are always ultimately choosing between two minds ~ the ego mind and your Right Mind. 

Each of these minds has its own way of functioning ~ the ego mind will bring you deeper into personal and mental conflict while using your Right Mind will liberate you from the ego mind and its goal of conflict, and connect you with your True Identity as Spirit. 

Through using your Right Mind, you will improve your relationships, your self-esteem, your mental and physical health and you will create a healthy and happy perception! 

Through my Right-Minded Reminders, classes, blogs and products, I will help you learn how to use your Right Mind and stay committed to doing so! There's a better way to perceive this world, and it all begins with using your mind correctly. 

Love and Healthy Thinking,



Courses and Clarity Sessions to help you understand and utilize the principles of A Course in Miracles! Understand your Mind, Activate your Spirit.

Staying the Course ~ Clarity Sessions

$50.00 CAD

Welcome!  One of my true joys in life is helping others understand A Course in Miracles and spiritual principle...

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Introduction to A Course in Miracles

$70.00 CAD

Do you feel guided to study A Course in Miracles, but don't know where to start? Are you struggling with trying to ...

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True Healing Course

$70.00 CAD

Have you been struggling with understanding how the principles of A Course in Miracles leads to genuine healing? Ins...

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Help Kids Think Lovingly! 

"Teaching children how their minds work seems so important. Yet this is rarely taught! My Mind Book fills this need by teaching that positive thinking makes us feel happy, that forgiveness heals the mind, that we gain by giving, and that we are all connected." - Corinne Zupko, Author and Founder of From Anxiety to Love

Teaching Children how their minds and thoughts work is vital to helping them develop their confidence and strengthen their compassion, so they are free to create and be their loving selves! I am super passionate about the mind and I believe  that we all, including children,  deserve to know how our minds work, and this is why I created, My Mind Book.

Watch my interview with Corinne Zupko where I share all about My Mind Book!

Watch the Interview! Purchase My Mind Book!

A better way to think, live and be, is possible, it just requires clarity. I share Right-Minded Reminders which make Spiritual wisdom understandable, practical, usable, and desirable. Learn how easy it is to incorporate Spiritual principles into your life. 

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