For Kids
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For Kids

It is vitally important to nurture children's minds!

I firmly believe that children deserve to know how to think and how powerful their minds truly are. Just like us adults, children can get caught up in their emotions and be disheartened by the actions and opinions of others. Although we will all face our challenges throughout our lives, it is helpful to have an understanding that we are in control of what thoughts we can believe and invest in.

My intention with my children's books, accompanying card decks and posters, is to teach children about their thoughts, emotions, and also to offer them insight on how to handle fear thoughts and judgments. 

Every child deserves to learn how to manage their thoughts which helps them to regulate their emotions and responses. My children's products are designed to help them understand the importance of compassion and non-judgment when thinking about others, and also to teach them that they can enjoy their lives and feel free to use their incredible imaginations, feel their feelings safely and be genuinely happy more often. 

All children's material is presented in a secular manner. Please find all children's products under the Shop page, and also be sure to follow my Healthy Thinking, Happy Kids Instagram Account @healthythinkinghappykids for helpful tips and loving quotes! 

Love and Healthy Thinking,




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