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"The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of Spirit, supplying its creative energy." ~ A Course in Miracles

ACIM is a course in mind training. Within its teachings are the fundamentals with which our minds work and how we experience our Reality as Spirit through using our minds correctly. 

Your Mind

"The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating."  ~ A Course in Miracles

Your mind is how you create and experience your life. Presently, though, you identify with the wrong part of your mind known as the ego mind. In order to heal from past hurts and release from negative thinking habits, you need to use your Right-Mind. There is a healthy way to overcome the ego mind so that you can experience the loving, creative and peaceful nature of your True Mind. 

Calm Your Mind

"In quietness are all things answered, and is every problem quietly resolved." ~ A Course in Miracles

Learn how to calm your mind and train your mind to think with Spirit. 

It is through a quiet mind that you receive inspiration and connect with the God Mind. You will learn the importance of training your mind to quiet and the techniques available to help you do so.  


WELCOME! Learn how to overcome the ego mind by using the Right-Minded principles of A Course in Miracles! Included in the Your Mind is Your Life Program...

~ A WEEKLY CLASS ~ EXERCISES to help you integrate the class teachings ~ A WEEKLY THOUGHT to gently remind you of the teachings ~ A Monthly ACIM-themed GUIDED MEDITATION ~ A Monthly Open Q & A Webinar ~ GUEST INTERVIEWS (with ACIM teacher Corinne Zupko et al) are sprinkled throughout the year ~ 4 Complimentary one on one CLARITY SESSIONS with Fiona (via the online meeting program, ZOOM) *Lifetime Access to all the Classes, Webinars, Meditations and your Clarity Sessions * PAYMENT OPTIONS - One-time payment of $444 CDN or $37 CDN/month





                     CALENDAR OF TEACHINGS


All About the Mind

Week 1 – Recognizing Your Mind's Purpose and Overview of the Mind

Week 2 – The Separation – Origin of the ego Mind, Guilt and Fear

Week 3 – Your Right Mind – An Introduction to Spirit & How to Use Your Mind Correctly

Week 4 – The True Mind - Redefining God (Source, Creator) & Redefining You







The ego’s Delusions

Week 1 – Introduction to the ego's "Laws" of Chaos & "Law" of Chaos #1

Week 2 - "Law" of Chaos #2

Week 3 - "Law" of Chaos #3

Week 4 - "Law" of Chaos #4 & The ego's Final Principle







Recognizing the ego at Work in Your Mind

Week 1 – The Physical Classroom – Reframing the World

Week 2 – Moods, Behaviours and Habits - The Importance of Monitoring Your Thoughts

Week 3 – Anxiety, Depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Exposing their Origin

Week 4 – Awareness of Meaningless Thoughts – The Harm of Complaining and Sharing Your ego Stories 










Stepping Out of ego-mode

Week 1 – Belief and Perception

Week 2 – Changing the Trajectory of Your Thinking

Week 3 - Judgment

Week 4 – Ideas Leave Not Their Source










A New Kind of Judgment

Week 1 – Allowing Spirit's Judgment

Week 2 – Your True Function – True Forgiveness

Week 3 – Your Key to Salvation

Week 4 - Atonement







Welcoming Miracles

Week 1 – Allowing the Miracle and Developing Your Trust

Week 2 – Recognizing Miracles 

Week 3 – The True Meaning of Christmas

Week 4 – Committing to Love







The Body

Week 1 – The Body – Its Origin and True Purpose

Week 2 – Awareness of How You are Using Your Body

Week 3 – Sickness, Death and Healing

Week 4 – Spiritual Sight – Seeing Beyond the Physical








Week 1 – Relationships – The Differences Between the ego's Special Relationships and Spirit's Holy Relationships

Week 2 - Projection

Week 3 – Creating the Holy Relationship

Week 4 – Healthy Communication







Rising Up

Week 1 - The ego's Ideas of Lack and Sacrifice – Overcoming Scarcity

Week 2 – Raising Your Self-Worth – A Vital Step in Healing

Week 3 – The Power of Decision – Moving on from Victimhood

Week 4 – Healing Old Self-Perceptions







Exposing the True You

Week 1 – Embracing Your True Identity

Week 2 – Releasing Your Future from Your Past - Eliminating and Healing of Your Old Thinking Habits

Week 3 – How Divinity Shows Up in Your Life

Week 4 – Creating Confidence to Shift from ego mind to Your Right-Mind





Living the Truth

Week 1 – You're Already at Home

Week 2 – True Communication – An Overview of ACIM's Song of Prayer

Week 3 – Enlightenment is Natural

Week 4 – Your True Purpose, Renewed







Clarity, Confidence and Commitment

Week 1 – Review & Clarity of Teachings

Week 2 – A Review of How the Mind Truly Functions

Week 3 – Using ACIM's Ultimate Coping Mechanisms

Week 4 – Checking in With Your Spiritual Goals



PAYMENT OPTIONS - One-time payment of $444 CDN or $37 CDN/month!


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"Through Fiona's gentle teachings of the Course's principles, I have a better understanding of how the ego mind works as well as numerous tools to help heal my mind. This program is an invaluable resource and I am so grateful to Fiona for offering it in such an accessible manner. "


""I am grateful to have taken ACIM classes taught by Fiona. She is an effective teacher for she shares her own real life experiences to demonstrate how Spirit can work wonderful miracles in our own lives. She shows me that Spirit is in my mind too! Thank you so much Fiona for your guidance and support with ACIM.""


"As a beginner to the sometimes confusing world of spirituality, this program has helped clear up many ideas about the way our minds work and what spirituality really is. This program offers a plethora of practical Spiritual principles and has personally helped me understand the laws that govern our minds. Thank you, Fiona, for the clarity and support! "


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