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True Healing Course

Have you been struggling with understanding how the principles of A Course in Miracles leads to genuine healing?

Inspired by my own physical healing experience, I created this highly informative class to help you learn, understand, and use the healing principles presented in A Course in Miracles.

The True Healing course goes in-depth on how sickness comes to be, what the mind's role is in sickness as well as healing, and what ACIM states that you can do to experience both mental and physical healing! Included in this class are the specific steps I took which led to my healing from vertigo, as well as the requisite fundamentals you need to know so you may implement these profound and life-improving mental principles! If you're ready to understand and really use the Course teachings in your life, the True Healing Course will absolutely help!

"Miracles are natural." - A Course in Miracles

What's Included:

The True Healing Course is presented in video format to help you integrate specific principles of A Course in Miracles into your life. You will have access to the True Healing Course via your online library, for as long as I'm alive and running my business... that's a long time!

About the Facilitator

Fiona Maria Williams, is a facilitator, teacher, and author of My Mind Book. She has been a devoted student of A Course in Miracles for over 14 years and has been actively teaching and introducing people to A Course in Miracles for over 9 years. The core of her work is teaching how the mind functions, how to overcome the ego, and how to connect to the Spirit inherent within your Mind. She also teaches that our lessons are our red flags to heal - they are our stepping stones to achieving genuine inner peace and how we ultimately attain the totally achievable state of mind known as Enlightenment.

BONUS! As a gift for your purchase, I offer you a free 30 minute, 1-on-1 online session with me, Fiona, where you can ask me questions pertaining to the True Healing Course and/or A Course in Miracles, so as to ensure that you have the clarity you need to move forward confidently with these truly life-improving principles.


Details on how to arrange your free 30 minute online session will be provided in your Thank You email upon your purchase of the True Healing Course. 

Plus, understand that you make this investment at no risk.   You are covered by my personal, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee. That is, you can spend 30 days going through the True Healing course and apply everything you learn to your life, but within 30 days of your purchase, if you don’t believe the course was worth the investment, you can let me know and I will send you a FULL refund.


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