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PTSD - Healing and a Spiritual Perspective

The experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a great challenge. It encompasses your whole life because the mind is traumatized. A person going through PTSD is left feeling quite helpless as their reactions are mostly unconscious, so it’s difficult to predict what can be a trigger. As I shared in my previous blog on PTSD, if you’re dealing with PTSD, you’re on high alert!

Research has shown that in the brain of someone who is going through PTSD, the brain is actually fine anatomically, but what is wrong is that the brain is communicating too much. Specifically, when someone experiencing PTSD is asked to recall a traumatic memory, the brain shows that there is a heightened level of activity going on within the brain. There is an overreaction to the memory.

It is important to note here that the brain and the mind are different. The brain is an effect of the mind, just like the body and the whole physical world is an effect of the mind.

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