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Morning Correction ~ A Mental Exercise for Shaking Off the ego and Starting Your Day Right!

As we are facing this worldly trial, you may notice that the feeling of fear has become acute. To help with this, you need to train your mind to quiet and amp up your True Forgiveness practice which will help dissolve the mind of fear, the ego. You have to hit fear at its source, the ego mind, this is the only thing that will make a genuine positive difference in your mental state.


Morning Correction

The morning can be the trickiest time of the day as not only are you getting ready for your day and helping others in your household do the same, you are also hearing the ego ramble on in your mind. By the time you head out the door, you may notice that you are agitated. If this sounds familiar, know that you have a choice to NOT continue on with your day like this. In fact, the morning can be your greatest opportunity to shake off the ego and start your day in your loving Right Mind! 

In A Course in Miracles, we are guided to, at the soonest opportunity, take time to connect...

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Seeing this Worldly Trial through Spiritual Eyes

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2020

Hello Love,

I know that the Coronavirus has conjured up many feelings for us all. The ego's voice can tell many tales about it if we let it. Listening to the ego will only make you feel fearful, uncertain, and like this situation may never end - just the way the ego likes it. 

Yet, there is a better way <3 Seen through spiritual eyes, this trial with the Coronavirus can actually be a healing opportunity! And personally, I'm not going to waste this opportunity to heal <3 If you feel the same and you're curious to learn more about what A Course in Miracles teaches about Who we really are, then this class is for you! 

As someone who has healed from a seemingly incurable disease, Meniere's Disease, using the wisdom of ACIM, I am excited to share with you that YOU DO NOT NEED TO SETTLE FOR WHAT THE EGO HAS TO SAY! Be prepared to feel empowered, relaxed and motivated to see the Coronavirus and its effects, through your loving Right Mind! 

I truly hope you enjoy this...

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A Conversation with Cindy Lora-Renard on ACIM & the Mind

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Please enjoy this wonderful conversation which I had with Cindy Lora-Renard where we delve into the topic of the Mind according to A Course in Miracles! 

We talk about the importance of the mind in healing and reinforce the Course teaching that it is through our Right Minds we can easily access Spirit's unconditional love and guidance <3

Cindy shares her personal tips for having a healthy mind and her incredible insights in to A Course in Miracles! We also both share real life examples of how we applied Right-Mindedness to personal challenges and the incredible healing benefits of having done so.  

Love and Healthy Thinking,


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How to Ask Spirit for Help

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2019

We have all reached that point of desperation where we cry out to the heavens for help! As spiritual students though, we are encouraged to connect with Spirit on a frequent basis, not just when things seem dire. 

Connecting with Spirit frequently strengthens your channel to Spirit. The Divine is always there with us, it's just us who needs to open up to the Divine. So, that brings us to our vital first step in HOW to ask Spirit for help...

1. Be Willing to See Apart from Your Past ~ Asking Spirit for help requires stepping back from what you've always thought to be true. As spiritual students, we are taught that we are responsible for the birth of the ego and therefore, asking something outside of the ego for help will require humility. It involves inviting a new answer and letting yourself be surprised by what that answer may be. This first step is the shift from your ego mind to your Right Mind. 

Getting to the point of willingness to see apart from the ego really means...

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How to Know if You're Hearing Spirit or ego!

One of the most common questions I get is, "How do I know if I'm hearing Spirit or the ego?" 

As spiritual students, this is a burning question for us all! And it is imperative we know the difference between these two voices for if we listen to the ego's voice, we delve further into pain and misery. Yet, if we listen to Spirit's Voice, we are liberated from the ego and guided to the experiences which are most helpful for our evolution and also the experiences which amplify love in our life <3 The beauty of Spirit's Voice is that ALL things are done with equal love for everyone involved! 

Here is the link to my latest podcast covering this important topic!

I truly hope you enjoy! 

Much Love,

Fiona <3 

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PTSD - Healing and a Spiritual Perspective

The experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a great challenge. It encompasses your whole life because the mind is traumatized. A person going through PTSD is left feeling quite helpless as their reactions are mostly unconscious, so it’s difficult to predict what can be a trigger. As I shared in my previous blog on PTSD, if you’re dealing with PTSD, you’re on high alert!

Research has shown that in the brain of someone who is going through PTSD, the brain is actually fine anatomically, but what is wrong is that the brain is communicating too much. Specifically, when someone experiencing PTSD is asked to recall a traumatic memory, the brain shows that there is a heightened level of activity going on within the brain. There is an overreaction to the memory.

It is important to note here that the brain and the mind are different. The brain is an effect of the mind, just like the body and the whole physical world is an effect of the mind.

It is helpful to measure...

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Interview with Corinne Zupko on True Healing!

Genuine healing is the release from fear in your mind. It occurs when you give up seeing your life through the ego's eyes. We are taught in A Course in Miracles that the mind is the level of cause and that the body is the effect. Therefore, if we want anything to heal, we must first begin with the mind. 

Follow the link in this blog to my interview from Corinne Zupko, Author of the award-winning book, From Anxiety to Love! Corinne and I get into a great, in-depth conversation about what true healing is and I also share my experience of using my mind and the healing principles of A Course in Miracles to heal from vertigo. 

Always keep a focus on the fact that genuine healing is of the mind. Detach from any expectation of the outcome and allow your mind be led to the peace of the God Mind. 

The Healing Meditation mentioned in the podcast is found in Gary Renard's book, Love Has Forgotten No One <3 

Here's the link to Corinne's website where you can listen to the...

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An Overview of PTSD and Caregiver's PTSD

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019

The house was quiet and I was all alone, something which I was accustomed to as my husband, Eric, worked out of town at the time. I was settled in my bed ready to go to sleep. Feeling peaceful and even excited for a good night’s rest, I closed my eyes. Then, a thought. A new thought. “What if the smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night?”

My eyes shot open. I felt a visceral discomfort and a wave of dread move through me. I had been feeling so relaxed that I was disappointed at the potential that the smoke alarm could indeed go off in the middle of the night. It wasn’t a fire that I was afraid of, it was the piercing sound of the alarm startling me that I was dreading. I wondered “where in the hell did this thought come from?!” After 36 years of sleeping without worry of a smoke alarm going off and now this thought creeps in and is somehow troubling. Then, it hit me…

This night was the first night where I was totally alone as my...

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Healthy Communication

Tips for Healthy Communication

As we are in the world of duality, challenging times and people are going to arise. These challenges are our forgiveness opportunities, catalysts for healing when used correctly. As some of us are students of A Course in Miracles, we want to honour the Course's teachings and use these challenges for peace, so we get to a place in our minds where nothing can affect us. As we strengthen our commitment to thinking with Spirit, which is known as Right-Mindedness, we can help ourselves by setting healthy tones within our environment by welcoming peace.

We are taught in the Course that we are always teaching. We are either teaching the thought system of fear or the thought system of Love. When challenges will occur, you can be a teacher of Love and handle them with peace. 

Here are my go-to spiritual tips for how to be Love when faced with a challenging conversation...

~ When I am faced with a tricky situation, I always take the time for reflection to...

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From Hormones to Healing

Uncategorized May 11, 2018

We all experience hormone fluctuations, (yes, even men), and these rapid shifts can be a real pain in the arse. You find yourself cursing at an inanimate object or crying because of something cute on a West Jet commercial (yes, I’ve done that… twice last month to be exact), and once you’ve realized that perhaps you could be being just a tad bit ridiculous, you clue in… hormone surge!

As we all know, experiencing hormone fluctuations can be difficult. A hormone surge can induce anxiety, fatigue, a melancholy attitude, and even straight up rage! We never really feel like ourselves during that time, do we?

But it’s not all sadness, tears and swaddling your pet, like with anything, hormones can help you to heal.

How so?

Well, I find that when I’m experiencing PMS, my conscious mind is on hyper drive running through a series of negative events from my past or some made up fearful event about the future. Of course I recognize that this negativity is...

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