Baseline State – What It Is, Where You’re At & How to Raise It
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Baseline State – What It Is, Where You’re At & How to Raise It

Nov 07, 2017


When it comes to disciplining your mind and using it to its BEST ability you gotta first begin with an understanding of where you’re at! That’s why this week I want to present to you a concept which will increase your self-awareness and amp up your self-empowerment! This week’s blog is about the baseline state.

What is the baseline state?

It is the place where you currently function from mentally. Your reactions, your triggers, your general daily feeling are all part of what contribute to your personal baseline state. Everyone’s baseline state is different as we all have different “glass half-full / half-empty” perceptions when it comes to a variety of situations.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.”

Eckhart Tolle

If you take a few moments to reflect on the thoughts which dominate your day, you can see what your state of mind is like.

Are you reactionary? Are you agitated? Are you negatively triggered by someone’s presence? Are your dreams repetitive? Do you have the same argument with the same person all the time? Do you think frequently about a grudge you’re holding? Do you repeat Friends episodes in your head?

Exhausting, isn’t it? To be preoccupied with your chatty ego mind…

“Most people are so completely identified with the voice in the head, the incessant stream of involuntary and compulsive thinking and the emotions that accompany it, that we may describe them as being possessed by their mind. As long as you are completely unaware of this, you take the thinker to be who you are. This is the egoic mind.”

Eckhart Tolle


But, baseline state isn’t always about the negative, it’s about the positive as well! We can easily shift our self-questioning to the positive like so…

Do you love your comforting cup of morning coffee? Do you enjoy watching your pet’s excitement when they see you? Do you love the walk home with your kids when you’ve picked them up from school? Are you simply excited every day to make something new and fresh for dinner? Do you enjoy the sanctuary of your bed and a great book in the evening?

I encourage you to ask yourself these types of questions so you can understand what negativity you want to let go of but also so you can see the areas where you really take care of yourself and others in your life.

Now, ultimately we want to raise our baseline state! It is not a competition and there is no one gauging the levels of baselines, it is all very personal for the sake of mental peace.

So, how do you raise your baseline state?

Let’s list it out!

1.       Note what you are grateful for and all the goodness in your life.


2.       Recognize and give yourself kudos for where you’re rocking it!


3.       KNOW what you want to nurture. The relationships, the business, the passion, whatever it may be! Focus on it, nurture it!


4.       Give yourself permission to be happy! Remember, the ego wants you to suffer, Spirit wants you to be contented. The choice is yours of who you want to identify with but considering that we are Spirit, the desirable choice is obvious.  


5.       You can take the time to do what is very popular nowadays, but really is as old as time itself, meditate. Meditation is not scary, and again, it is not a competition as to who is the best meditator. It is personal and contributes greatly to a healthy state of mind and a healthy body!!! There is a reason it is so popular, there is a reason why you never stop hearing about it and there is a reason why it is a practice that will never go away. All you really need to do is take the time to close your eyes in a peaceful place and deep breathe for a few minutes. In the beginning you may want to use wordless music as a guide to assist you in staying in the moment. Practice this and it will become your happy place. I recommend you use the guide for deep breathing that was initially sent to you when you signed up for my newsletter and you will be well on your way to finding peace more often. Promise.

All of these choices feed your Spirit, your happiness and your truth, Love. They contribute greatly to your wellbeing and assist you in so many ways, especially when life throws out its sudden or predictable hiccups.

Dr. Joshua Grant, a postdoc at the Max Plank Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, has studied the brains of master meditators concluding that, “There is just a huge difference in their brains. There is no question expert meditators’ baseline states are different.”

Dr. Grant shares that by relaxing their minds and consequently their brains and bodies, master meditators have achieved a healthier “baseline state”, and a continuous state of peacefulness. Their “baseline state” is now a contently non-judgmental position which exists above the limitations of negativity. Nothing shakes them. Can you imagine the freedom? To be independent of external circumstances?


Through nurturing the love and happiness in your life you have the opportunity to raise your personal “baseline state” from an area of judgment, defensiveness and limits, up to the level of a master meditator where the mind is a mental sanctuary of gentle observation and personal awareness. This is the beautiful result of relaxing your mind consistently and you can do it! It’s just a matter of choice on your part. YOU ARE WORTHY of peace and happiness.


By nourishing your greater value from within, you will be giving greater value. The world will respond accordingly.


Love and Deep Breaths,



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