Exercising Your Willingness to See with Spirit
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Exercising Your Willingness to See with Spirit

Aug 13, 2020

Welcome to the blog on "willingness to see things differently" and what we can do to ensure we don't corrupt our own willingness.

When we ask Spirit to help us things differently, what we are really doing is we are stepping out of our old thinking habits and inviting a new perspective. To allow a new perception to come to us, we do need to get our old ego perception out of the way, and how to do so is the focus of this blog.


I recently had a spiritual reading done by Kevin Ryerson, which was incredible! In this reading, Spirit's wisdom came through and shared with me that when we ask Spirit for help, 90% of the heavy lifting is done by Spirit and the other 10% is done by us. When I heard this, I immediately thought of the teaching in A Course in Miracles about the required willingness by us to see things differently. I was reminded that our role is simply to ask Spirit for help and step out of the way, and I thought about how allowing Spirit to do Its work tends to be a bit of a trial for spiritual students.

Willingness to see things differently is when you tire of a situation, lesson or challenging personality, and instead of getting caught up in the conflict again, you decide that you want to experience healing and peace. What is important to remember is that your willingness to see things differently does not involve you getting into the details of the situation you are trying to change. That’s for the Holy Spirit to take care of. Your part in being willing to see through fresh eyes requires allowing that loving adjustment in your perception.

Simply, to allow your perception to change, you need to stop reinforcing your old perception. This means that you want to step out of the situation and become more of an observer - this is what is taught in A Course in Miracles as being "above the battleground." When you gently observe things, you are able to be more open-minded and allow Spirit to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Remember, that trials are only difficult because we try to handle them on our own. 

So, here are some helpful tips to help you truly exercise your willingness to see things differently... 

~ Catch yourself when you are repeating old thoughts and ideas about the situation and people involved (including yourself!) You want to be mindful not to strengthen the opinion which you are trying to change.

~ Be aware of when you are reacting to the situation or person, and take appropriate steps to calm down and let the old, reactive energy move through you safely and without further reinforcement.

~ Remind yourself that you have asked the Holy Spirit to show you this situation and the people involved, through loving eyes. The Holy Spirit’s perception is called True Perception, and it is True Perception which is free of guilt, fear and conflict.

~ Remember that the ego’s way of seeing has only ever brought you pain and conflict and that is WHY you want to see things differently.

~ Avoid the temptation to control. Although you may feel tempted to get into the details, control is an ego attribute. Also, your attempts to control will just be you putting your old perception into action and you will not get a different result which is what you’ve been hoping for.

These simple reminders can help you stay on track with your desire to truly see things differently! 

Much Love <3 



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