From Hormones to Healing
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From Hormones to Healing

May 11, 2018

We all experience hormone fluctuations, (yes, even men), and these rapid shifts can be a real pain in the arse. You find yourself cursing at an inanimate object or crying because of something cute on a West Jet commercial (yes, I’ve done that… twice last month to be exact), and once you’ve realized that perhaps you could be being just a tad bit ridiculous, you clue in… hormone surge!

As we all know, experiencing hormone fluctuations can be difficult. A hormone surge can induce anxiety, fatigue, a melancholy attitude, and even straight up rage! We never really feel like ourselves during that time, do we?

But it’s not all sadness, tears and swaddling your pet, like with anything, hormones can help you to heal.

How so?

Well, I find that when I’m experiencing PMS, my conscious mind is on hyper drive running through a series of negative events from my past or some made up fearful event about the future. Of course I recognize that this negativity is ego, but instead of giving into the negativity of what my ego is pissed off about, I get proactive for healing.

All of the negativity and fear that I’m still holding onto is being given a front and center seat in my mind’s eye. Is this an opportunity, or what?! “Thank you hormones for showing me what I gotta heal!” So, really, during PMS I step up my true forgiveness game because all of that negativity, I don’t want to hold onto it anymore. I want to let it go.

Now, when you’re experiencing hormone changes and the ego is a little more active than usual, it is up to you to take some gentle control to help yourself out. You are presently having a bodily experience and the body is the ego's hiding place. To uphold separateness, the ego tries to convince us that we are a body. In fact, every temptation of the ego is to do just this, convince you that you are separate and occupying a very vulnerable body in a cruel world. The ego therefore uses the body for both self-attack and attack upon others.

In the interest of peace, you would be best to learn how to handle hormone surges positively.

One way I like to be more positive during those unpredictable times is by letting my husband know that I’m PMSing (in case he didn’t notice by my craving for buffalo chicken wings all day and my crying at random songs and commercials). My declaration is a way of me communicating, being honest and taking responsibility for my heightened level of sensitivity. I know that he appreciates my honesty and he helps me to laugh and relax more.

Your loved ones will appreciate your honesty and may even help you cheer up. Everyone wins!

Another way I handle things positively during hormone season is that I have made a promise to myself to never have a serious conversation or make a serious decision while I’m PMSing. Of course, with life’s hiccups this can’t always be the case, but it is something that I work hard to honour. Essentially what I’m doing here is preventing myself from reacting from my ego, I’m ensuring that I am self-aware and keeping my emotions in check. And sometimes I really do just say, “You know what, I’m PMSing right now, so that’s not a topic I’m willing to invest in right now. Would it be okay if we saved it for another time or when I feel a little more relaxed?” Be practical, be loving.

So, recap!

Being hormonal doesn’t mean being a victim, it’s just another opportunity for self-care.

- Recognize that the situations which anger you while you’re hormonal are what you need to truly forgive. Take the opportunity for some mind healing!

- Declare to your partner (or whomever you feel) that you are hormonal and may be a bit more sensitive. Ask them to keep conversations light if possible.

- Be self-aware! You may feel sad or angry, but you do not need to react from this state of mind. All the more reason to save certain conversations or decisions for a time where you feel more relaxed and like yourself. Be responsible.

Dietary Ways to lessen the impact of Hormone Fluctuations

Drink Green Tea - Green Tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which raises the level of dopamine (the loving, feel-good neurotransmitter) in our brains. Green Tea is also great for balancing the entire bodily system by combatting free radicals (the s#*% disturbers) and calming the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Eat Less Meat – Consuming meat frequently increases the levels of hormones in your body. So, if you want to lessen the severity of your hormone levels going up and down like a yo-yo, cut back on meat and include more veggies in your diet. Your hormones will thank you!

Eat Less Sugar – Consuming sugar always causes spikes in your bodily system, which means that there isn’t a lot of balance going on. In order to maintain a more stable hormone level, chill on the sugar and use honey or maple syrup if you need some sweetness. Be sure to avoid chemical sweeteners, they are what they are, chemicals and screw with your whole system. It is never a good idea to use them as they are so harmful.

Lessen Your Alcohol Intake – We all know the guideline, less alcohol, the better. A glass of wine or beer a day is fine and is actually good for you. Binge drinking is just very hard on your system and can really add to the severity of your hormone fluctuations.

Up Your Relax Time – What a chore, right?! ;) Take more time for deep breathing, meditation, yoga, exercise, and again, laughing!! These practices are always good for you and will help you to maintain a peaceful mind at all times, but the benefits of these practices can really be there for you when your hormones decide to go for a ride.

Most importantly, do not feel guilty for being hormonal! You’re having the bodily experience just like everybody else, so we really are all in this together. You're not the only one who feels like a raging Medusa at times. Be gentle with yourself and think Balance, Balance, Balance.

And also remember to laugh more often! The ego is going to try and have some fun with you, and you’re really going to notice this dynamic when your hormones are fluctuating. And when you think one negative thought and take it seriously, it’s so much easier to think more negative thoughts and send yourself into a cycle of fear. So, it’s up to you to make a conscious decision to lighten up and laughing is the easiest way to do so! Remember that the ego can only get you when you take it seriously.

A Course in Miracles teaches that we should learn to gently laugh at the ego’s dictates, not in a condescending way but in a “nope, that’s not going to work on me” kind of way. We are literally showing ourselves that through our laughter and commitment to love, we can simply feel better. 

Love and Gentle Laughter,



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