How to Ask Spirit for Help
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How to Ask Spirit for Help

Nov 21, 2019

We have all reached that point of desperation where we cry out to the heavens for help! As spiritual students though, we are encouraged to connect with Spirit on a frequent basis, not just when things seem dire. 

Connecting with Spirit frequently strengthens your channel to Spirit. The Divine is always there with us, it's just us who needs to open up to the Divine. So, that brings us to our vital first step in HOW to ask Spirit for help...

1. Be Willing to See Apart from Your Past ~ Asking Spirit for help requires stepping back from what you've always thought to be true. As spiritual students, we are taught that we are responsible for the birth of the ego and therefore, asking something outside of the ego for help will require humility. It involves inviting a new answer and letting yourself be surprised by what that answer may be. This first step is the shift from your ego mind to your Right Mind. 

Getting to the point of willingness to see apart from the ego really means that you've had it with the pain and conflict with the ego, which is a good thing! So, celebrate that you are willing to ask Spirit for help because it means that your self-awareness is getting stronger and you are becoming more inclined to choose peace. 

Now, turning to Spirit for help over the ego is an integral part of learning from the lesson (challenge) you're facing. What we're doing when we ask Spirit for guidance or support is that we're deciding to turn away from the mistaken false self we created. By asking Spirit for help we are doing the right thing because we are walking away from conflict and asking for peace and ultimately healing. We are taught in A Course in Miracles that trials are but lessons returned because we failed to learn from them the first time. We are also taught that all challenges we face are meant to help us realize that we have been mistaken in choosing conflict and pain and for thinking that we are alone. All challenges are meant to help us remember that we never left our Source, that we are never alone, and that our Reality is that we are innocent, loving and whole <3

Never doubt that your desire to ask Spirit for help shows that you are genuinely learning from the challenges being presented to you. 

Now, considering that each lesson at its core carries the message that we are actually One with our Source means that asking Spirit for help means that we are really asking for an answer which is already within us. We are One with Spirit and therefore Spirit's answer is part of us and ready to help us on our journey. Specifically, Spirit is in our Right Minds which is where our connection to Spirit resides. The answer we have asked for is never apart from us, its within the part of our minds which associates with Spirit. This leads us to the second step in asking for Spirit for help...  

2. Ask... the Right Way! ~ What do I mean by the right way? I mean that you need not necessarily ask in a traditional sense, but more like open up to the answer which is accessible to you in your Right Mind. This is how I like to word this step, "Spirit, I know you are with me. I also know that you know what I am facing right now. I open my mind to your loving guidance and to hear your answer which I know exists." 

We are taught in A Course in Miracles that the ideas of lack, conflict and fear in every form, are of the ego mind. This means that if we ask Spirit for help in continuing conflict, we're barking up the wrong tree. If we come from a place of neediness, we are declaring that we are not One with Source and are somehow lacking. And if after we ask Spirit for help we still feel worry or anxiety, then we have not yet successfully trusted our connection with Spirit.

I want to reinforce that feeling any of these is not something to feel guilty or shameful about, that would be more ego, but it is important to recognize that it is unnecessary for us to continue thinking in these ways. You do have a choice in how we think and opening up to Spirit's guidance more frequently will help you to develop your trust in Spirit and your worry, anxiety and feelings of lack will subside. 

Now, once you have asked Spirit for help, it is important that you do one thing...

3. Quiet Your Mind ~ In A Course in Miracles, we are taught that the ego always speaks first and speaks the loudest. The reason for this is because the ego is insecure and knows that its existent is vulnerable in the face of Spirit, so the ego tries to distract you by speaking frequently and loudly. So, it is up to you to quiet your mind and let Spirit's loving Voice come through clearly. 

Spirit is peaceful and confident in the fact that It is always with you, therefore, It need not fight for your attention. Spirit honours your Free Will and simply waits for your decision to ask It for help. Therefore, you must take steps to quiet the ego mind in order to hear what Spirit has to say. As we are taught in the Course, "all answers come to a quiet mind." 

So, how does Spirit's Voice come through? Some people may hear an audible voice but we are taught in Gary Renard's work that Spirit speaks mainly through ideas. Pay attention to ideas which light you up, excite you or make you feel genuinely peaceful. Remember that Spirit does not believe in conflict or fear, It only ever upholds the Truth and all benign qualities of Truth. Follow peace and you will not fail to learn from your lesson <3

Once your mind is quiet and is welcoming Spirit's guidance, it is important that you avoid the temptation of rebounding back into ego-mode and ensure that you...

4. Don't Dictate What the Answer Should Be or When it Should Arrive ~ It is easy to fall back into the thinking habits which you are used to, and again, this is not something to feel guilty about but it is something to be aware of. Remember that you're asking Spirit for something apart from the ego, apart from your past. Therefore, be patient, relax and take the opportunity to develop your trust.

To help you with this, I invite you to think of it this way... dictating what the answer should be and when it should come means that you have gone back to your ego mind and therefore you are going to hear the ego's dictates again. The ego will always ensure conflict and fear as it needs you to feel separate from others and alone, so do be keenly aware when you become impatient and revert back to ego. Come back to your Right Mind and begin practicing your trust. 

And finally, there is a key to helping ensure that you stay in your Right Mind and that is to...

5. Be Thankful ~ When I feel tempted to worry about something, I immediately remind myself that I have asked Spirit for help and that I want to remain with that choice. So, to help, I practice gratitude in a big way! I thank Spirit for being with me, guiding me and for all the love and beauty It has led me to. I am also sure to thank Spirit for the opportunity to learn from my lessons so I can come one step closer to my True Identity as being One in Source <3 

Gratitude keeps you in your Right Mind and helps you to recognize all the times Spirit has already supported you. Also, I want to be sure to note that I don't mean practicing gratitude in a nonchalant way, but to genuinely mean it. You can begin by choosing people, situations and items which you really are genuinely grateful for, then take it from there. 

Quite simply, recognizing the genuine love which exists in your life is acknowledging Spirit's presence in your life. Gratitude opens your awareness to this very simple and beautiful fact. Open your eyes and truly see <3

Love and Healthy Thinking,



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