Seeing this Worldly Trial through Spiritual Eyes
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Seeing this Worldly Trial through Spiritual Eyes

Mar 25, 2020

Hello Love,

I know that the Coronavirus has conjured up many feelings for us all. The ego's voice can tell many tales about it if we let it. Listening to the ego will only make you feel fearful, uncertain, and like this situation may never end - just the way the ego likes it. 

Yet, there is a better way <3 Seen through spiritual eyes, this trial with the Coronavirus can actually be a healing opportunity! And personally, I'm not going to waste this opportunity to heal <3 If you feel the same and you're curious to learn more about what A Course in Miracles teaches about Who we really are, then this class is for you! 

As someone who has healed from a seemingly incurable disease, Meniere's Disease, using the wisdom of ACIM, I am excited to share with you that YOU DO NOT NEED TO SETTLE FOR WHAT THE EGO HAS TO SAY! Be prepared to feel empowered, relaxed and motivated to see the Coronavirus and its effects, through your loving Right Mind! 

I truly hope you enjoy this class <3

Much Love,



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